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Books By: Carly Jordynn

Book 1 Forest of the Mist Series

Li​ly Lavery never imagined her homecoming night would find her orphaned, in a coma, and entering an alternate reality that would change her life forever. 

Connor O'Brien to​ok one look at the girl who arrived in the alternate reality,  Paradise Valley, and knew she would be trouble. She oozed it from the top of her tiara down to her cheerleader uniform. 

Together Connor and Lily, along with their companions, must battle those in the Dark Land in order to access  the portal paths to return to their sleeping bodies and the reality to come.

Book 1 of the Retired Slayer Series

Seventeen-year-old Sasha Bishop has survived to the retirement age of seventeen, a feat no other Slayer has attained.  In honor of that happy occasion she gets to move to a new city, start a new school, and  leave behind her 167 year old,  undead, boyfriend, Hutch.

As Sasha settles into her new life in Sierra View, she becomes friends with her handsome, motorcycle riding, neighbor, Dillon Hutcherson, but that is not enough to keep Sasha out of the action back in vampire riddled Villa Mirage. She's soon on her way back to her hometown with Dillon in tow to fight a vampire war that could quell the uprising or turn the town into a haven for the undead.


Book 2 of the Forest of the Mist Series

Alex McGuire never dreamed his life would take such a turn. His plan to complete college, become a lawyer, and marry his girlfriend, Lily Lavery, tanked following his kidnapping to the alternate realm Paradise Valley, where he is ordered by a dead man to marry his young wife and raise their son as his own. The only problem is the man's wife is in a coma.

Jennifer Burke Kyle woke from the coma to the realization that she was a widow and the mother of a young son who can read minds, create portals to an alternate realm, and possesses some rather unsettling "talents."  In addition, a complete stranger  tries to convince her to marry him because her dead husband told him to.

Davy Kyle finally gets the family he has longed for. That excitement soon takes a dangerous turn when agents from the  Percival Research Institute  come on the scene.  Only Davy's unique abilities will keep the families secrets safe and away from harm from PRI.

Book 2 in the Retired Slayer Series

Sasha Bishop is the Slayer. With her Halfling and Vampire allies by her side, she has fought and won a vampire war. When  her classmates start disappearing and resurface as vampires; they accuse Sasha of being their Sire.

When Sasha's 168-year old, vampire boyfriend, Hutch, sides with the newborns, it takes the war to a whole new level. Angry and hurt, Sasha finds comfort with handsome vampire, Rhydian McDavid, who has an alarming connection to her Slayer past. 

Now Sasha must pair up with some unlikely allies to stop a massacre at the Prom, all while being crowned Prom Queen. The Vamps of Craig's Creek are back with a vengeance and plan on making Graduation a buffet. A storm,tornado, and some surprising revelations, guarantee Sasha's life will never be the same.

Book 3 in the Forest of the Mist Series

Davy Kyle is in a ton of trouble. That's really nothing new  as he has been in trouble his whole life. Davy was born in the alternate realm, Paradise Valley. As a result, he has some freakish powers such as rapid growth, the ability to create portals to the alternate realms, and the ability to read minds.

 When Davy learns he will be the ruler of Paradise Valley and the Dark Land, he discovers he will have a  co-ruler named  Kelly.  Intrigued, he learns by some accidental eavesdropping that his friends from Paradise Valley, Connor and Lily O'Brien, have named their young daughter, Kelly. 

Convinced that the infant, Kelly, is the one destined to rule by his side,  Davy sets out to determine when and how she will arrive in Paradise Valley.

What Davy does to ensure Kelly's arrival is sooner rather than later, will test the ties of his family and friends and may cost him the love of his life.

Book 3 in the Retired Slayer Series

Sasha Bishop is the Slayer who is married to 168 year old vampire hotty, Andrew "Hutch" Hutcherson. Together they have battled his father, his psycho ex-girlfriend,   and high school. Nothing could have prepared Sasha for her next mission in life...motherhood!

A freshman in college, Sasha prepares for the birth of her daughter, the final battle with the vamps of Craig's Creek, and the search for missing vampire friend, Marybeth. . Her plans take a nose dive when evil vampire Blake Hutcherson, half-brother of Hutch, arrives in Craig's Creek with a hidden agenda. He wants his half-brother dead so he can have Sasha and her daughter for himself.

Sasha makes plans to destroy the vamps from Craig's Creek once and for all. She forms a wary alliance with Blake much to the annoyance of Hutch, to discover the truth. Is it Blake or Preston Perry Beacom, III, behind the sudden vamp infestation? To learn the truth and protect her loved ones, Sasha strikes a bargain with Blake that could save them all or destroy her family forever.

Book 1 of Levy Jupiter Kincaid

Levy Jupiter Kincaid or Jupe as he is known by friends, was born on the exact date and time of the Jupiter Incident, an explosion that shook space and damaged the planet, Jupiter. Fourteen years later, he begins to experience strange things, especially when playing video games. When he experiences a flash forward during a Junior Race League practice race; he finds himself on the track at the Panther 500.

Jody Lynn Downey lives down the street from Jupe. She is smart, sassy, and knows everything about cars and how they work. When her Daddy starts Team Downey Racing, she and her annoying neighbor Jupe are his drivers and Jupe's two friends, Louie and Chip, the pit crew. When Jupe shows real talent for racing, Jody Lynn is faced with real competition from the boy she loves to hate.

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