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upcoming news and events

Upcoming News:  Keep checking back to this page as it will change as more news and events come up.  Right now, Carly is busy revamping her Blog, Carly's View, and writing.  She currently has two young adult fiction and one non-fiction books in the works.  In addition, Carly is revamping the Forest of the Mist and the Retired Slayer series with new cover art, re-edits, and added bonus materials.  All three books from each series will be in one book. There will be contests and prizes once we are closer to the re-launch date which is TBD. Her middle-grade book, Levy Jupiter Kincaid will get new cover art also.  

Pictures from Conferences and Book Signings

Carly Jordynn and Nora Roberts - RWA National Conference

Carly with Nora Roberts

Carly Jordynn and Dianna Love - RWA Conference

Carly with Dianna Love

Carly Jordynn and Sherrilyn Kenyon - RWA Conference

Carly with Sherrilyn Kenyon

Carly Jordynn and Brenda Novak - RWA Conference

Carly with Brenda Novak

Carly Jordynn and Nora Roberts - RWA Conference

Carly with Nora Roberts

Carly Jordynn and authors from Soul Mate Publishing - RWA Conference NYC

New York City with Soul Mate Publishing

Carly Jordynn and Meg Cabot - RWA Conference

Carly with Meg Cabot

Carly Jordynn and Kirby Keller - RWA Conference

Carly with Deana aka Kirby Keller

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